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The Beginning

Solid Overwatch was founded in 2018 to compete in the First Overwatch Open Division. The Team of 6 Regulation Players consisted of, ElsaEatsBugs, Stricken, Masarukohaku, Hippomage, Daisy, and Tommy, along with Pete, and Glyph as Sub Members. On April 20th all communications were lost, and Solid Overwatch was supposedly no longer a team.


April 10th, 2018. A full year after Solid Overwatch goes missing, Masarukohaku gets in touch with some of his fellow teammates, and the call is made, to bring Solid Overwatch back to life. Solid Overwatch is ready to play. Contact Us to setup a Scrim.


As of April 11, 2019 Solid Overwatch Is Recruiting a Main-Healer. Go to the Contact Us page to apply.